Dear Mountain Kim TKD, I have just read your website in much more detail, and simply must say that I admire your program so much that I wish all institutions with children's activities were like yours.  The scope of your after-school program itself is breathtaking and I truly envy allE.C

We love Mt. Kim Tae Kwon Do! In this last two and half years, our daughter has improved balance, flexibility and agility. Her confidence continues to grow. Because the masters make learning fun as well as meaningful, she continues to be excited to attend class twice a week. Our daughterM& B

We wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for wonderful experience over the past three years as Jake and I have worked towards our Black Belts. You have created a fantastic Dojang in Oakton which Jake looks on almost as a second home. Obviously it is peopleJohn, Jocelyn & Jake Golden

I enrolled my 5 year old daughter in Mt. Kim Tae Kwon Do last January, she loved it right from the start. She is always excited to go her class, where the instructors teach class with a good balance of focused intensity and nurturing encouragement for the young children. MyMy 5 year old daughter

My son has been attending Mountain Kim Martial Arts After School Program and Summer Camp since we moved to Vienna. My son has not only learned self defense but also learned to be responsible and respect to others. The instructors and staff are very kind to kids and they enjoyMother of Albert Xiao


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